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Used Books

We Buy, Sell, & Trade Used Books!

You'll find an excellent selection of used books on the "Recently Acquired Used Books" case on our main floor, as well as throughout each section of the store.

Buying times are 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Sunday.
The Used Book Office is located in the Children's Department (through the 11th Street entrance). Sellers may also drop off used books at a register after hours. We will examine the books as soon as possible. We offer both cash and trade in exchange for good quality used books. We can donate the books we don't buy, or we can return them to you. We donate books to Pine Ridge Reservation, Pages for Prisons, Bridge House, and Scope International.

WE NOW BUY Some TEXT BOOKS! (Generally those used at Naropa).

Condition is the most important criterion. We do not accept books with writing or highlighting in the body of the book (inscriptions are okay). We do not buy books with torn covers, broken spines or water damage. All hardcovers must have their original dust jacket.

We do not buy computer books, romance novels or literary journals/magazines. Business and travel books must be published within the last year. We accept limited quantities of hardcover fiction. We consider books of all other subjects and genres, including audiobooks on CD.

We accept a MAXIMUM of 4 CARDBOARD BOXES (or bags) of books per visit per household.  Please note that bags/boxes must weigh under 30lbs. We do not accept overflowing or broken containers. (if your books fall out, we won't know they are yours!)
All sellers must have a State Issued Photo ID, especially those dropping off for the first time - we cannot buy your books without it!
The Used Book office does not offer appraisals or estimates. Books dropped off are presumed to be for sale; books we buy from you are placed directly into our inventory.


If you have questions, please contact our Used Book office manager at 303.447.2074, Ext 120.