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No Pressure, No Diamonds: Mining for Gifts in Illness and Loss by Teri A. Dillion

SKU: 9780578736884

Where do you find meaning when given "the worst possible" diagnosis? And what does it mean to truly heal, no matter the state of your body?

At 35, newly married, enjoying a flourishing career as a psychotherapist and a comforting path as a Buddhist practitioner, Teri Dillion had arrived at the satisfied life she'd long wished for. But once diagnosed with ALS and told to get her affairs in order before facing total paralysis, she finds herself pertly booted off all lofty perches of personal achievement and easy equanimity.

In the months that follow, she sets out in dizzying pursuit of an unlikely cure, traveling deeper into the byzantine landscapes of modern medicine and alternative healing where she encounters conflicted doctors, charlatan gurus, psychedelic plant allies, and new-age blame and shame galore. Grounded by skepticism as her disability grows, she attempts to court an elusive faith in recovery while knocking ever-louder at the door of her own knowing.

In this intimate and entertaining memoir, Teri reclaims the mysteries of grace while gently reminding us of the fragile blessings of embodiment. Could the most brilliant jewels of healing and meaning be found not in conventional narratives of triumphant recovery, but in what we painstakingly and lovingly carve for ourselves out of life's roughest blows?

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1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm | Sun: 11am-7pm