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A Journey Through Journaling with Kim Roberts -- Session 3

When life-as-you-know-it changes before your very eyes, what do you rely on for guidance? How do you navigate change with courage and confidence?

In this program you will learn how to use journaling as a guidance system to help you embrace change as an authentic path. This approach to journaling will give you a simple tool to help you navigate changes in life, big or small.

This three-session program will take place on Monday, June 22nd, Wednesday, June 24th, and Friday, June 26th from 5:00pm-6:30pm on Zoom. The Zoom ID and password will be emailed to you after purchase.

This program is $36, and includes a copy of Kim's book, Toward a Secret Sky, and a journal (choose Black or Red, Lined or Blank- please note your preferences in the "Notes" field during checkout.) Your book and journal are availabe for curbside pickup or can be shipped to you. A shipping charge will be added if you opt to ship your books. 

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Program Format
You will learn to use free-writing as a powerful tool for self-discovery. Within each session you will be given writing prompts to help you identify the raw material of your experience and highlight areas of focus. 

Then you will practice “free-writing with a purpose” to discover how to get to the heart of the matter. Finally you will be guided to use this writing material in order to discover new insights and guidance. You’ll take away a new understanding of free-writing as more than just a passive “dear diary” entry.  This is a dynamic, powerful tool, right at your fingertips.

Each practice session will include:

  • Short guided meditation
  • Timed writing prompts 
  • “No-pressure” group dialogue 
  • Takeaway writing prompts to help you follow up for further guidance

Session 1. Acknowledging the Ground
In this session you’ll discover the foundations you are working with –and some of these may surprise you! We’ll diagnose the situation as it is.

Session 2. Setting Intentions
Are you clear about your intentions? If priorities are not clear, then you may be working against yourself. In this session you will practice clarifying intentions that are in alignment with your priorities.

Session 3. Clearing the Way
In this session you’ll identify how you may get in your own way or hold yourself back from your stated intentions. You’ll also be guided to dialogue with the voice of the inner critic in order to put that demon to rest.

About Kim Roberts: 
Kim Roberts, MA started journaling at age eleven when she discovered that--to her surprise--no one really wanted to hear her complaints. After a graduate degree in psychology and a career as a psychotherapist (and a lot more complaining) she then spent the better part of 15 years living in South and Southeast Asia leading retreats offering contemplative practice, psychological inquiry and creative process as tools for personal growth. She currently maintains a small private practice of online counseling clients. Kim is the author of Toward a Secret Sky: Creating Your Own Modern Pilgrimage.

Event date: 
Friday, June 26, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm
Event address: 
1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Mon-Sat: 10:30am-8:30pm | Sun: 11am-7pm