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Ease the Tease (Kobo eBook)

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Ten easy-to-learn strategies to help kids ease the pain of teasing and stand up for themselves.

Teasing happens to lots and lots (and lots!) of kids. Every day. Sometimes that teasing can be fun, but other times it hurts. Ease the Tease helps young readers recognize what hurtful teasing sounds and feels like and provides simple but powerful ideas for dealing with teasing.

How many ways can children ease the tease? Inside the book, readers will find not one . . . not two . . . but ten helpful ways to ease the tease:

  • Two ways using pure brainpower
  • Three ways to try right away
  • Four ways with the element of . . . surprise!
  • And, finally, one way with the help of a grown-up (because sometimes asking for help is the right thing to do)

Children can try out these useful and memorable strategies, practice them, and team up with others to ease the tease. A glossary of terms at the back of the book empowers children with the vocabulary they need.

Little Laugh & Learn Series
Self-help, kid-style! Kids ages six to nine can tote these handy guides anywhere and boost their skills. With practical advice, silly jokes, fun illustrations, and a kid-centric point of view, these books are the go-to for help with everything, from triumphing over teasing to learning to be a fantastic friend to becoming a self-confidence superstar, and more!

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781631983528
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
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