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In-School Book Fairs

Earn money and shop local! Email education@boulderbookstore.com with any questions and to get started!

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Boulder Book Store now offers In-School Book Fairs! The many benefits of staying local with your book fair include:

  • Inventory recommendations: With us, the book fair inventory is customizable! We'll recommend titles that fit your school's needs and you can request titles to be added (Anne of Green Gables? Sure! An entire display of shark books? Sure!). Pick out some toys and games... or forgo them entirely. The overall quality of the books will be high, but we'll also include sale books and titles at a variety of price points so that every student can buy a book. We'll make sure your book fair is curated for your school!
  • Easy check-out process and on-call tech support: We provide thorough instructions, demonstrations, and on-call availability to help troubleshoot any tech problems you might encounter.
  • Logistics: We will deliver books and any other book fair items, help with set-up, help with tear-down, and pickup any unsold inventory. We also have a small selection of portable shelving units and tables for displaying books.
  • Fundraising: We give a competitive percentage of book fair sales to the school, which can be redeemed in cash, book credit, or a combination! Email education@boulderbookstore.com to see a contract.
  • Community engagement: You're supporting your school and a local business when you choose Boulder Book Store for your book fair.

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We schedule book fairs at least two months in advance. This time frame allows us to customize your book fair and make sure everything arrives in time! Our calendar fills quickly, so make sure to email education@boulderbookstore.com with any questions and to set up a book fair for your school!

1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm | Sun: 11am-7pm
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