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Good Old Fashion Restaurant Humor (Paperback)

Good Old Fashion Restaurant Humor By Doggy Fly Cover Image
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Have you ever worked in a restaurant? If you have, you might understand that sometimes it's like reality tv with the things you see, hear, and think. If you have never worked in restaurants, have you at least eaten at restaurants before?

Good Old Fashion Restaurant Humor is a series of short and funny conversations amongst servers, cooks, managers, corporate, owners, and customers, written by a standup comedian who spent five years working in the restaurant industry. Because he didn't fit in, he considered himself a "fly on the wall" and observed a lot. The book gets deep at times, bringing insight into the restaurant industry about the reality of good and bad prancing around the dinner table, despite being a humor book. There is some silly humor, dry humor, and adult humor in the book and it all points towards a deeper message.

Whether you have worked in restaurants, like eating out at restaurants, love cooking, recipes, or eating food. . . this book is for you.
Product Details
ISBN: 9798844487699
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 11th, 2022
Pages: 188
Language: English
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