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Liezi: World of Delusions: A complete translation and analysis of Liezi (列子) (Paperback)

Liezi: World of Delusions: A complete translation and analysis of Liezi (列子) Cover Image
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Liezi (列子 c.450-375BC), Laozi and Zhuangzi are the 3 pillars of philosophical Daoism.

A lesser known philosopher among the trio, we have seen few translations of his work.

The Liezi text of 139 short amusing stories in 8 chapters, are contemplative on life and death.

Tales, Kuafu Chased Sun and Yukong Moved Mountains are often taught in primary school.

Liezi favors enjoying life, fear not death; rejects transcendentals like "riding on wind".

His stories are vivid, full of marvels, often humorous, and reflective of our Delusions.

Liezi: World of Delusions includes: The full 8 chapters in Chinese Text and English Translation.

Ch.1 Heavenly Signs (天瑞); Ch.2 Huangdi (黃帝); Ch.3 King Mu of Zhou (周穆王)

Ch.4 Zhongni (Confucius, 仲尼); Ch.5 Tang's Queries (汤问); Ch.6 Effort or Destiny (力命)

Ch.7 Yangzhu (杨朱); Ch.8 Charming Talks (說符)

Discussions on17 topical analyses; Conclusions on All Lives Matters; Effort or Destiny; Enjoy life,

Government for the People; Know your Delusions; Minds, Dreams and Emotions; Natural Daoism

Queries and Curiosity; Reject Transcendence; Selfless Duties; Strive for Excellence.

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ISBN: 9789811485725
ISBN-10: 9811485720
Publisher: Jingwei Publishing
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English
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