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#goDo: How to Live on Purpose (Hardcover)

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If you picked up this book, you know it's your time.

To achieve whatever the hell you want - by living a life of purpose, on purpose.

In #goDo + #doGood Social Entrepreneur Talonya Geary (you can call her "T") keeps it real. She shares how she recovered from a series of traumatic losses - the death of her brother, her job, and her health - to create a life of purpose and on purpose. And she teaches you how to use her proven daily practices, rooted in clarity, discipline, and science, to help your dreams become your reality.

Want to get healthier - physically, mentally, or financially?
Find that perfect job - where you feel appreciated and fulfilled?
Wake up every day ready to take action?

In #goDo: How to Live on Purpose, you'll learn how to:

- Uncover your purpose by examining your identity, personality, and goals. And you'll understand how changes to your health, performance, and impact will emerge as you connect to your purpose.

- Define your goals - on purpose. With a simple approach grounded in faith, focus, and reverence, you'll create a consistent connection to your purpose. And you'll witness how goal setting can be a transformational ritual - combining action with service to others.

- Create your future through predictions. You'll come to understand the power of this question, "What if I spend time each day writing down what I think will happen?" And you'll release the past in order to reclaim your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and your willingness to take risks.

- Decide your character. You'll let go of old characteristics by proactively selecting the character you now want or need to be. And you'll become more selective in what you #goDo each day, who you surround yourself with, and how you spend your definitive energy.

- Identify your obstacles before they identify you. You'll learn how to create a risk management plan that will help you overcome confusion, distraction, and disorganization. And you'll implement a system (think GPS) to help you navigate the ever-present threats to your purpose, goals, future, and character.

- Throw out the to-do list and use targets as an organizing principle for achievement. You'll learn how to simplify the tasks and actions you take on a daily basis to celebrate results. And you'll come to understand the critical role your brain plays in your ability to achieve.

- Harness the power of visualization, mindfulness, and the use of daily gratitude to help you live on purpose. You'll come to understand how your mindset has the ability to keep you on a course to success by holding your goals right where they should be - in the front of your mind.

Get ready to take what you learn in these pages and implement them into your life right away. Then go on to inspire others, and teach them how to #goDo, #doGood

Product Details
ISBN: 9781946384560
ISBN-10: 1946384569
Publisher: Publish Your Purpose Press
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2018
Pages: 206
Language: English