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The Spiritual Scientist: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality (Paperback)

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The Spiritual Scientist bridges the gap between science and spirituality to give the reader an understanding of how energy works and how one can balance and restore their energies to have a tranquil and peaceful life. The book covers the scientific concepts of energy and the human body and relates these concepts to their spiritual aspects. The scientific concepts will be written in an accurate and a simple fashion, so the reader will be able to understand these concepts without having a high degree of scientific knowledge. The book will discuss the scientific concept first then relate these to the spiritual aspect. The first chapter is an introduction to what energy is in basic terms with equations and diagrams so the reader can fully understand that every living thing has its own unique energy. Chapter 2 will describe energetic aura in detail as this is very important for the reader to fully understand, as the book will focus on spiritual practices that can be used to balance and restore energetic aura, including the chakra system. Chapter 3 will describe the basic anatomy of the human body and will describe the basic fundamental structures such as a cell and DNA, as well as organs and bodily systems including the endocrine system. Chapter 4 will focus on the 13 chakras in the body. The 13 chakras are represented in the spiritual scientist's logo. This chapter will help the reader understand the different chakras in the body and identify when there is a problem or if chakra is inactive, overactive or imbalanced. Chapters 5-7 will describe specific spiritual practices including crystal healing and aromatherapy that can be incorporated to ground, balance and restore ones' chakras. Chapter 8 will describe the basic function and structure of the brain and how mindfulness techniques including meditations can be used to restore peace and tranquility in ones' everyday life. The final chapter will be a guided step-by step protocol combining all the knowledge learnt throughout the book to create their own meditation kits to balance specific auras. Throughout the book, there will be guided meditations and activities, so the reader will find it easier to understand the importance of these spiritual practices and incorporate them into everyday life.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781912839018
ISBN-10: 1912839016
Publisher: Eclipse Publishing & Media
Publication Date: April 6th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English
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