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Narcissism & The Covert Narcissistic Playbook: Recovery From Emotional Abuse, Empathic Manipulation, Dark Psychology, and Co-dependency as Well as Pro (Paperback)

Narcissism & The Covert Narcissistic Playbook: Recovery From Emotional Abuse, Empathic Manipulation, Dark Psychology, and Co-dependency as Well as Pro By Dana Greenwood Cover Image
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If you have even the slightest suspicion that someone in your life is manipulating you, this book is for you...

Do you know someone who makes you feel anxious and uneasy for no obvious reason?

Perhaps an afternoon with them leaves you feeling confused or out of balance, or perhaps you know they're manipulating you but can't seem to stop it from happening.

Toxic relationships can form in any area of your life. If you're subject to name-calling, yelling, gaslighting, invasions of your privacy, or subtle threats, there's something amiss in your relationship... whether it's with a friend, a colleague, a family member, or a partner.

You should be the one who's in control of your life, and if there's someone trying to fight you for it, there's a red flag begging to be noticed.

Research from The American Psychological Association suggests that around 80% of Americans have experienced emotional abuse at some point in their lives, and this can result in a host of unwelcome effects.

In the short term, emotional abuse can leave with you a sense of shame, feelings of hopelessness, and a general sense of fear and confusion. You may find you have difficulty concentrating, that you're moody more often, or that you suffer from tension in your body.

And when it's left unchecked, severe emotional abuse can cause anxiety, insomnia, social isolation, and chronic pain.

If you have even an inkling that you may be affected by emotional abuse, you owe it to yourself to take action... but that can seem easier said than done when you find yourself falling for manipulation tactics over and over again.

But there are steps you can take to break free of the cycle and set foot on the road to healing and recovery... and this guide will be by your side every step of the way. Inside, you'll discover:

  • A deeper understanding of narcissism - so you can recognize the signs, and finally be sure you're not imagining things
  • The traits, causes, and subsets of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)... healing doesn't mean you have to sidestep compassion
  • Common manipulation tactics employed by narcissists (are any of these happening to you?)
  • A guide to relationship dynamics when a narcissist is involved - understand exactly what's going on in your relationship
  • The personality traits that may make it more likely for you to end up in a relationship with a narcissist (know yourself, and you'll be prepared in the future)
  • Survival and recovery strategies for all toxic relationship survivors
  • The phases of trauma: Find out once and for all how much of an effect your relationship is having on your life
  • All the tools you can access to make the recovery journey easy and effective - so you can pick the right strategy for you
  • The true value of empathy... and how you can strengthen and sharpen yours
  • A clear roadmap to rebuilding yourself and rising from the ashes with vitality and confidence

And much more.

Any kind of toxic relationship can take its toll on your emotional and physical health, often before you even realize it's happening.

As soon as you suspect that someone in your life is doing you more harm than good, it's time to take action... and that starts with getting to the core of the problem, recognizing the issues, and uncovering the pathway toward freedom.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781778173011
ISBN-10: 1778173012
Publisher: Tonquin Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2022
Pages: 188
Language: English
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