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The Nonviolence Handbook: A Guide for Practical Action (MP3 CD)

The Nonviolence Handbook: A Guide for Practical Action By Michael N. Nagler, Michael N. Nagler (Narrated by) Cover Image
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Despite the fact that two of the 20th century's most monumental campaigns for social change, the civil rights movement and the drive for Indian independence, achieved their aims through nonviolent action, the world continues to view nonviolence as a passive and largely ineffectual tactic, all show and no substance. In this powerful audiobook, renowned peace activist Michael Nagler proves precisely the opposite: nonviolence is in fact an aggressive and highly effective approach. Nonviolence is not the recourse of the weak but actually calls for an uncommon kind of strength; it is not a refraining from something but the engaging of a positive force, Nagler says. But it demands tremendous courage and discipline and needs to be carefully thought through.
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ISBN: 9781682620038
ISBN-10: 1682620034
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: November 9th, 2015
Language: English
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