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Exalt His Name, Jesus: A New Challenge to the Modern Christian: The Modern Christian Series #4 (Paperback)

Exalt His Name, Jesus: A New Challenge to the Modern Christian: The Modern Christian Series #4 By Westwick Abijah Williams Cover Image
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The name Jesus identified the Son of God as a man. It was a common Jewish name meaning savior or deliverer. Jesus grew up perceived as a member of the local community.

It was his baptism at age 30 that marked his anointing and attaining the title of "Christ," now "the anointed one," "the one sent from God." The name Christ distinguished him from all others named Jesus. It identified him as the Son of God.

Jesus Christ combined the "Son of God" and the "son of man." Jesus chose to be the "son of man," so he might redeem lost mankind, restoring it to the status of his creation, "sons of God."

In the name Jesus Christ is enshrined immortal glory, as well as the omnipotence and omniscience of God the Father. The common name Jesus is elevated above all other names to be expressive of the divine characteristics of "the Christ, the Son of God." Jesus, "the son of man," elevates mankind to the status of Christians, "the sons of God."

This book presents a challenge to Christians to rise above the limitations of our fallen humanity, to grasp the unlimited potentials embodied in the name "Christ-ian," and to be like Jesus Christ.

We must follow Christ's example in daily living, internalizing and practicing the precepts he taught, and get intimate with him through prayer.

We are expected by God to fulfil the mission and destiny of Christians. When we succeed, all our differences will give way to Christ's likeness, and the unity (oneness) for which Jesus prayed in John 17:17.

(About the Author)

Westwick Abijah Williams lives on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. A retired educator, he holds a Ph.D. in educational administration.

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ISBN: 9781682355114
ISBN-10: 168235511X
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 194
Language: English
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