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Mosaic of the Dark (Paperback)

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Poetry. Women's Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. MOSAIC OF THE DARK is a portrayal of one woman's journey to wholeness and addresses the psychological harm that can arise from restrictive societal expectations for women. As the speaker in these poems examines her own early experiences as a closeted lesbian trying to fit her life into the prescribed script of heterosexuality, she grapples with her mother's possibly non-heterosexual orientation and eventual death from alcoholism. In the end, the speaker successfully sheds familial and cultural expectations in favor of her true self and, in the process, experiences a spiritual re-visioning that allows her to move beyond the confines of a male-centered Christianity to a more expansive, mystical way of experiencing the divine.

About the Author

Lisa Dordal (M.Div., M.F.A.) is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet whose work has appeared in Best New Poets, Cave Wall, CALYX, The Greensboro Review, Vinyl Poetry, New Poetry from the Midwest, and Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse. She teaches in the English Department at Vanderbilt University and her first full-length collection of poetry, Mosaic of the Dark, is available from Black Lawrence Press. For more information, please visit lisadordal.com.

Praise For…

Humming with inspired metaphors and everyday relevance, these poems are gems.
–Kirkus Review (starred review)

Lisa Dordal's Mosaic of the Dark is actually a book of light. Dordal means to illuminate the quotidian until it is as luminescent as any spiritual experience: "I dream of flight. A sun/that can hold a million earths/and a mouth that swallows its fire." This is the eye of a poet looking to her work for redemption and grace. Mosaic of the Dark is a beautiful book.

–Jericho Brown

In Lisa Dordal's Mosaic of the Dark, desire transfigures the world we believe we know. The boy at the center of the poem is a stand-in for God. A mother is a place we've left. Two black horses in a cave are manifest, and what cannot be undone is as plain and secret as history itself. Here a bird drags its universe of feathers across the yard, and Dordal is the breath that sends them aloft like prayer.

– Traci Brimhall

Mosaic of the Dark is a portrait of a young woman emerging from the constrictions of family and cultural expectations into her own authentic self. But these poems do not stop there. Lisa Dordal empathizes with the grouchy cashier at the toy and candy store of her childhood: how can I not/ admire her for her refusal/ to feign contentment; she crouches at the bars of a boy’s prison cell: I hear him breathing, telling him:/ it is a beautiful sound; she wonders if houseflies might be sent by the angels: their thousands and thousands of eyes—make a mosaic of the dark. While this collection is well-rooted in personal experience, the poems branch out with an empathetic and precisely observant heart to give us a glimpse of the mysterious world that threads through us all.

– Ellen Bass

Product Details
ISBN: 9781625579867
ISBN-10: 1625579861
Publisher: Black Lawrence Press
Publication Date: January 31st, 2018
Pages: 65
Language: English
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