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Women Icons of the West: Five Women Who Forged the American Frontier (Paperback)

Women Icons of the West: Five Women Who Forged the American Frontier Cover Image
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Step back in time and experience the spirit of the West through the eyes of five courageous women: Clara Brown, Sara Winnemucca, Nellie Cashman, Isabella Bird, and Margaret Brown. From a newly freed slave to a refined Englishwoman, from a Native American to a miner’s wife, these women, vastly different at first glance, have much to teach us about perseverance, surviving hardship, and living courageously.

Women Icons of the West features a unique fictional first- and third-person narrative that allows readers to get to know these women through their actions and thoughts, as well as the observations and opinions of those who knew them. Sidebars link the fictional narrative to documented historical events, and a bibliography offers resources for further research on each woman.

Julie Danneberg is a third-generation Colorado native and a former elementary school teacher. Her other children’s books include Cowboy Slim, Last Day Blues, and First Day Jitters.

About the Author

Julie Danneberg, a third-generation Colorado native, grew up listening to stories about her grandmother, a miner's daughter, and her great-grandmother, an Irish immigrant turned miner's wife. Love of these women and their stories started her lifelong admiration of all courageous women of the West. Danneberg lives in Denver with her husband and their two children.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781555917456
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2010
Pages: 96
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