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How I Unblocked My 5 Blocked Arteries (Paperback)

How I Unblocked My 5 Blocked Arteries By Wong Kam Luen Cover Image
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This is the story of how I unblocked my 90%+ blocked arteries in 2013. My cardiologist and Cardiac surgeon recommended open heart bypass surgery. I found the bypass surgery very invasive and feared that the blockages might recur. So, I scoured through the medical literature to find a solution which could reverse my heart blockages permanently. I found it Basically the theory for my program was from the following four books and Dr Linus Pauling megavitamin C therapy concept. They are as follows: 1) "NO to Heart Diseases" by Dr Ignarro, Noble Prize for Medicine 1998 2) "Reversing Heart disease" by Dr Dean Ornish Strong Indian influence: Vegetarian food + Yoga 3) "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Dr Esselstyn: Vegan diet 4) "The China Study" by Dr Colin Campbell & Thomas Campbell.: Vegan diet Books 2,3 & 4 essentially talked about how a vegetarian diet can prevent and reverse heart diseases by itself. It did not mention L Arginine at all. Dr Ignarro did mention that a vegetarian diet helped but you could also indulge in a bit of meat/fish. He thought that L-Arginine could do the job by itself. For academic purity, they insisted on mutual exclusivity. My interest was to clear the blockages in my heart and not on academic purity. So I combined both their theories and come out with the WONG KAM LUEN'S Program for unblocking my 5 blocked arteries. The book detailed my agonising journey and the readings and tests I took along the journey. At the end, you could say that I have succeeded The angiogram said so I have also summarised my experiences and suggested a shorter way to achieve my results. From my results, you can surmise that within three months on my program, you will definitely see vast improvements on your blood pressure, lipid levels and general well being. I hope that you can learn something from my journey and achieve the same miracle for yourself.
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ISBN: 9781543754780
ISBN-10: 1543754783
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
Publication Date: November 20th, 2019
Pages: 84
Language: English
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