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New Maricón Cinema: Outing Latin American Film (Hardcover)

New Maricón Cinema: Outing Latin American Film Cover Image
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Recent critically and commercially acclaimed Latin American films such as XXY, Contracorriente, and Plan B create an affective and bodily connection with viewers that elicits in them an emotive and empathic relationship with queer identities. Referring to these films as New Maric n Cinema, Vinodh Venkatesh argues that they represent a distinct break from what he terms Maric n Cinema, or a cinema that deals with sex and gender difference through an ethically and visually disaffected position, exemplified in films such as Fresa y chocolate, No se lo digas a nadie, and El lugar sin l mites. Covering feature films from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, the United States, and Venezuela, New Maric n Cinema is the first study to contextualize and analyze recent homo-/trans-/intersexed-themed cinema in Latin America within a broader historical and aesthetic genealogy. Working with theories of affect, circulation, and orientations, Venkatesh examines key scenes in the work of auteurs such as Marco Berger, Javier Fuentes-Le n, and Julia Solomonoff and in films including Antes que anochezca and Y tu mam tambi n to show how their use of an affective poetics situates and regenerates viewers in an ethically productive cinematic space. He further demonstrates that New Maric n Cinema has encouraged the production of "gay friendly" commercial films for popular audiences, which reflects wider sociocultural changes regarding gender difference and civil rights that are occurring in Latin America.
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ISBN: 9781477310144
ISBN-10: 1477310142
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 252
Language: English