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The Book of Bill (Hardcover)

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Did you miss him? Admit it, you missed him.

The demon that terrorized Gravity Falls is back from the great beyond to finally tell his side of the story in The Book of Bill, written by none other than Bill Cipher himself.

Inside, Bill sheds light on his bizarre origins, his sinister effects on human history, the Pines family’s most embarrassing secrets, and the key to overthrowing the world (laid out in a handy step-by-step guide). This chaotic and beautifully illustrated tome contains baffling riddles, uncrackable ciphers, lost Journal 3 pages, ways to cheat death, the meaning of life, and a whole chapter on Silly Straws. But most importantly, The Book of Bill is deeply, deeply cursed.

Alex Hirsch, #1 New York Times bestselling author, resuscitates this infamous villain and invites fans to a Bill’s eye view of the Gravity Falls universe. There are many who believe this book is too dangerous for human hands. But if you can’t resist, just know this: Once you make a deal with Bill, it’s not so easily undone . . . 

Beware: This book travels to dimensions meant for older readers.

About the Author

Alex Hirsch is a writer, animator, voice actor, and director. He is best known for creating Gravity Falls on Disney XD. He was raised in Piedmont, California, and received a BFA in Character Animation from The California Institute of the Arts. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is at work developing projects for film and television. Despite the rumors, he was NOT possessed by a demon while writing this book. We repeat: NOT DEMONICALLY POSSESSED.

Praise For…

“I thought I liked things that were weird, but I was wrong. This book was too weird for me. I feel nauseous just thinking about the horrifying psychosis contained within. I’m legally changing my name to ‘Normal Al’ now and pushing all my Hawaiian shirts out to sea on a barge. Avoid this book at all costs!!” —“Weird Al” Yankovic

“I found this arcane volume in a musty aisle at the most accursed of libraries. Nightly visitations by foul spirits commenced almost immediately. It has infected my mind and my dreams, and it will destroy your sanity. For all that is good and holy—stay away from it, and whatever you do, do not read it.” —Guillermo del Toro

“Look, I hate to disagree with Guillermo and Normal Al, but I love this thing! Ever since I read it, I keep hearing this screaming in my brain that won’t stop! I’m buying a copy for everyone I know! We love Bill! We love Bill! We love Bill!” —Charlie Day
Product Details
ISBN: 9781368092203
ISBN-10: 1368092209
Publisher: Hyperion Avenue
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English
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