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Spell Check-So What? Spelling Puns and Poems by Two Brothers (Paperback)

Spell Check-So What? Spelling Puns and Poems by Two Brothers By Stoney Stonebraker Cover Image
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Spell Check-So What? Spelling Poems and Puns by Two Brothers is a collection of poems written by Stoney Stonebraker and puns on the art of spelling written by Miles J. Stonebraker. The puns written by Miles are helpful tips for the spelling impaired and those with spellaphobia. There are many aphorisms that play with the English language and explore how the language is interpreted and spelled. Stoney Stonebraker quirky and funny poems explore memories of NYC, a silly monkey, Serenity and perfection. Stoney admits to being a lousy speller in the past. He is amazed that he has overcome his "spelling impairment." No longer handicapped by this problem Stoney now finds humor in the subject. Stoney and his brother, Jay are in "sync" when it comes to a mutual interest in the subject of spelling impairment. Stoney started writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction books in the 1990s. Stoney is a writer and publisher based in Boulder, Colorado.
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ISBN: 9781304433114
ISBN-10: 1304433110
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication Date: September 16th, 2013
Pages: 50
Language: English
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