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JUNK JUSTICE A Law-Abiding Businessman's Tragic Quest for Due Process (Paperback)

JUNK JUSTICE A Law-Abiding Businessman's Tragic Quest for Due Process Cover Image
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JUNK JUSTICE - A Law-Abiding Businessman's Tragic Quest for Due Process. Three recent book reviews: (1) "Junk Justice is a well-considered and well-written indictment of our criminal justice system, with particular emphasis on the federal system dealing with white-collar crime. I would recommend this book with a rating of 4 out of 4, despite some issues it is an honest telling of how our justice system is damaged, if not broken. It is shot through with authentic descriptions of the author's encounters throughout the justice system from the investigation, to trial, to prison and the other punishments he has endured. The editing and language use is top-notch. Gerry Rising's narration begins with his turning himself into prison in 2011. His description of the dehumanizing experience of being booked and brought into the system grabs you from the outset and commits you to read the rest of his story. He continues with a detailed description of his business, the self-funded health plan administration business. He takes a deep dive into that description and a number of issues surrounding that profession that ultimately pulled him into the legal system. His description can be dense at times, but it is worth the effort required considering how much it impacts what comes after. It is also worth noting that Mr. Rising includes a detailed timeline section and appendices that round out his telling of his experience with Junk Justice. Mr. Rising details prison life. You experience what it is really like in a minimum-security prison, highlighting the day-to-day existence and how socialization is handled. He relates how he became involved with jailhouse "lawyers" in beginning his appeal process. I particularly appreciate his discussion of innocent vs. overcharged, over-sentenced vs. guilty and how those concepts affected him personally and affect our justice system as a whole. The artful recounting of his appeals journey flows through his use of jailhouse lawyers, his pro se experience (a woeful experience), and his experiences with various attorneys, both defense and prosecution. Those interactions contribute to increased self-awareness and self-analysis on his part. All of this makes the reading richer. His post-release battles are just as poignant, hearings and walls continue. Mr. Rising concludes with a considered indictment of the justice system. This book is a great introduction to and a well-written report of just how our justice system really works."(2) "Junk Justice by Gerry Rising follows Rising's experience of the American justice system after he was accused of crimes relating to his failed health insurance business. We hear about his far from stellar attorneys to judges that do not seem fit to judge and overzealous prosecutors. The book takes us from his arrest to his appeals after he finished his sentence."(3) "The basic story of Junk Justice is that the author was accused of complex financial crimes. Rising claims complete innocence. He was railroaded by the US Attorneys, and his own defense attorney, into a terrible plea deal." An intriguing memoir detailing an entrepreneur's dysfunctional journey through the justice system. In 2010 after 30 years of successful entrepreneurship, Gerry Rising found himself forced into a corporate bankruptcy by a rural court judge. The bankruptcy led to front page above the fold headlines, which in turn led to being targeted and subsequently indicted by the Denver US Attorney's office. Innocent of the charges Gerry Rising was coerced into signing a plea deal accepting guilt for embezzlement, money laundering and fraud, due to what was later characterized as a "business model" between his high priced attorneys and the Denver US Attorneys office. Thinking he was a rare victim of the system, upon entering prison he befriended many other inmates, learning of the injustices inflicted upon so many. This memoir not only details Rising's journey but also those of many of his inmate colleagues.
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ISBN: 9781092900515
ISBN-10: 1092900519
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2019
Pages: 412
Language: English