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General Conference Bulletins 1895: The Third Angel's Message (Paperback)

General Conference Bulletins 1895: The Third Angel's Message By Alonzo T. Jones Cover Image
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The following 26 sermons were given by A.T. Jones at the General Conference of 1895 and presented to a live audience of ministers, as recorded in the General Conference Bulletins. This material has been reformatted, but not re-edited for the reader's enjoyment. The spelling, punctuation, and grammar remain unchanged. Chapter titles have been added to provide a brief summary of each sermon. The first seven sermons present the Righteousness of Christ in the context of Religious Liberty. To provide some contextual background, in 1888 the religious freedom of America came under threat with the introduction of the Blair Bill. The intent of the Blair Bill was to recognise Christianity as the religion of the nation and Sunday as the Sabbath. A devout Bible student, Alonzo T. Jones astutely identified this as a major step towards the union of church and state in direct fulfilment of Revelation 13:15 in Bible prophecy. Jones commented that "when this is done, its influence in favour of the papacy will be inestimable." Although the Blair Bill was not officially passed in Congress, the ruling in the case of the World Trade Fair set an irreversible precedent which placed the Government in the hands of the churches. Conscientious Americans became concerned as they saw the protective framework of the 1st Amendment corrode away. Jones draws an interesting parallel between the Roman siege of Jerusalem in 67A.D. and the spiritual siege of America in 1892 through the World Trade Fair. He identified that although the Roman siege of Jerusalem subsided for a time, the armies returned with a vengeance. EXTRACTED FROM THE PREFACE.
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