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Geology Book (Wonders of Creation Series) [With Pull-Out Poster] (Hardcover)

Geology Book (Wonders of Creation Series) [With Pull-Out Poster] Cover Image
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Rocks firmly anchored to the ground and rocks floating through space fascinate us. Jewelry, houses, and roads are just some of the ways we use what has been made from geologic processes to advance civilization. Whether scrambling over a rocky beach, or gazing at spectacular meteor showers, we can't get enough of geology

The Geology Book will teach you:
What really carved the Grand Canyon.
How thick the Earth's crust is.
The varied features of the Earth's surface - from plains to peaks.
How sedimentary deposition occurs through water, wind, and ice.
Effects of erosion.
Ways in which sediments become sedimentary rock.
Fossilization and the age of the dinosaurs.
The powerful effects of volcanic activity.
Continental drift theory.
Radioisotope and carbon dating.
Geologic processes of the past.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780890512814
ISBN-10: 0890512817
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2000
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: Wonders of Creation
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