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Make a Home for Wildlife: Creating Habitat on Your Land Backyard to Many Acres (Paperback)

Make a Home for Wildlife: Creating Habitat on Your Land Backyard to Many Acres Cover Image
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Make a Home for Wildlife helps you see your property in new ways and is the resource you need to take the sometimes daunting steps to improve the quality of your land. According to U.S. Forest Service, 250 million acres of woods and forests in the United States are privately held by 10 million individuals/families. Whether you live on a quarter-acre lot in the suburbs, own a 20-acre woodland retreat, run a farm of 100 acres, or belong to an outdoor club with hundreds or thousands of acres, you can make changes to the land--improvements that will turn your property into a better home for wildlife. Habitat projects can be simple or complex, short-term or spanning decades. Cost can be minimal--a few hours of your time spent doing pleasant work in the outdoors--or can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. And there is funding to help landowners make wildlife habitat. Focusing on the eastern US from Canada to Florida and west to the Great Plains, this book describes basic habitat types--forest, shrublands, grasslands, and wetlands--and highlights over 150 select native and introduced trees, shrubs, and plants, explaining how they are used--or not--by wildlife. The book includes more than 100 profiles of prominent and interesting species of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals with information on animals and their habitat needs. Large and small mammals, resident and migratory birds, and insects are covered. Fergus relates stories of landowners who have made habitat in different states and regions in different ways.

About the Author

Charles Fergus has published 16 books on nature and wildlife, including The Wingless Crow and Thornapples: The Naturalist's Year (collections of nature essays), Wildlife of Pennsylvania and the Northeast, Wildlife of Virginia and Maryland, Trees of Pennsylvania and the Northeast, Trees of New England, Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast, and two books in Stackpole's Wild Guides series: Bears and Turtles. A communications consultant for the Wildlife Management Institute, he helps produce publications, displays, and Best Habitat Management Practices guidebooks, and handles three websites about wildlife that need young forest habitat. Fergus has shared a nature column, "Crossings," in Pennsylvania Game News magazine for the past 15 years; before that, he wrote the popular "Thornapples" column for the same magazine. In addition to his books, he has written about nature and wildlife for publications including Country Journal, Highlights for Children, Audubon, and the New York Times. He lives in East Burke, Vermont. https: //charlesfergus.com/
Product Details
ISBN: 9780811737722
ISBN-10: 0811737721
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Pages: 208
Language: English
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