Book Fairs

Boulder Book Store Book Fairs
Earn money and promote your school!
What is a Book Fair?
  • Book fairs are great fundraisers for your school. 
  • Book fairs are held in the store for 1, 2, or 3 days.  By sending people to Boulder Book Store on those days, you will receive a percentage of the net sales associated with your book fair.
  • Book fairs are an excellent way to promote your school and get people involved.
  • Book fairs provide an opportunity for kids to get excited about reading while helping their school!
Why Boulder Book Store Book Fairs?
  • By planning your book fair with Boulder Book Store, you are supporting a locally owned, independent business, and strengthening the community that your school lives in.
  • Our store offers a wide variety of titles not available in chain stores, and our children’s buyers carefully hand-pick the wonderful selection you’ll find for young readers.
  • We’ll help you shop!  Our booksellers are knowledgeable and willing to help you find just the right book.
  • All you have to do is promote the book fair!  We handle all the sales, accounting and bookselling.  We even provide you with flyer and voucher templates!
Sounds Great!  How do I participate?
  • Schedule a planning meeting with someone at the Boulder Book Store (email or call 303-447-2074 x134), to discuss dates, plan special events, and go over guidelines.
  • After the meeting, you can begin to promote your book fair right away with the flyer and voucher templates we will provide. The sooner you begin publicity, the more people you will reach, and the more money you will earn for your school!
  • On the day of the book fair, you may have a table at the store to provide information, displays from kids & teachers, and book lists for supporters. 
    • We will have extra vouchers at the registers for supporters who forgot theirs. People must turn in a completed voucher in order for their purchases to be credited to the book fair total.  
    • We do not allow volunteers soliciting support on the day of the fair. It is very important that all publicity efforts take place BEFORE the day of the book fair.  Soliciting customers in-store is strictly prohibited.
  • When the book fair is over, we will total the pre-tax sales associated with your book fair, and give you a cash or credit donation (please see agreement for specific percentages).  Remember: the more supporters who shop, the more you’ll earn!
  • Celebrate!  The fundraising that book fairs offer are great for any project your school needs funds for, from field trips to sports teams to supplies!
Frequently Asked Questions
What items count toward our book fair?
  • All items in our store go towards the book fair, with the exception of periodicals, postage, and the purchase or renewal of Readers Guild memberships.
Can we request books to have in the store for the book fair?
  • Upon request, Boulder Book Store will special order books (if available from wholesalers or publishers) for the book fair. Book lists for special orders must be received at least four weeks prior to book fair date.
Who can participate in hosting a book fair?
  • Pre K – 12 schools and nonprofit and literacy organizations are eligible.
When/where can we hold our book fair?
  • We host book fairs in the store from January to mid-November, and we require four weeks for planning and publicizing the fair (six if you plan to submit a book list or have a special event). 
  • We now offer in-school book fairs too!
You probably have more questions! We are happy to discuss them with you at the planning meeting. Email to get started!