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Antiracism Summer Reading Program

Reading is personal. What we read changes us. If we share that experience with others, it can be an avenue to action. We invite you to take action as an anti-racist by reading one or more of these books, talking to at least one other family member or friend about the book, and then sharing that experience with us. Read. Talk. Share. And then make your summer a little sweeter with a scoop of ice cream, on us.

What To Do:
Pick a book and somebody (or somebodies) to talk to. It could be your family, a friend, or someone who has a different view than your own. You might want to read the book together, or you can read it and explain it to your family or friends. Be open and honest. Respect your own feelings, those of the people you talk to, and those of the people whose stories you are talking about. The important thing is to read and to talk.

We've collaborated with local educators and community members to create a discussion guide to facilitate discussions. The pdf is on this page for you to download.

We've partnered with Gelato Boy to provide one free scoop of the gelato flavor of your choice for anyone who participates in our Antiracism Summer Reading Program! All you have to do to get your free scoop coupon is show us what you've learned by reading these books. This can be a recorded conversation with a parent or guardian, something you write about, a drawing to illustrate how you felt after reading the books - get creative! It can be something as simple as telling a bookseller all about your experiences with these books, or it can be as big as writing a short story inspired by your reading journey.