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Share Your Memories - Authors' Memories

Do you have a special memory, photograph, or story of Boulder Bookstore from the past 50 years that you'd like to share? Email them to BBSVirtualEvents@gmail.com with "50th Anniversary" in the subject line, and be sure to include your name and whether you're ok with us sharing your comment or photo.

Prefer snail mail? Send us a birthday card to:

Boulder Bookstore
Attn: Celebrating 50 Years
1107 Pearl St.
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Local middle schooler Madelyn Cass won second place in the third annual Boulder Valley School District and Historic Boulder Essay Contest for her essay on Boulder Bookstore! Read her winning essay HERE!

From an anonymous customer:
David & Helena,
We are still on your Boulder Book Store mailing lists.  We congratulate both of you and your staff for your accomplishments achieving your 50th Anniversary.
Boulder Main St. uncovered  itself to us 30 years ago and part of the attraction of finding a home a block and half away.  During our lives in Boulder, we weekly stopped in your store for browsing and meeting/chatting with our neighbors/strangers; it has become not only for finding good books but also to find good friends.  Having your bookstore close by was a convenience but having you as neighbors made our lives more complete; we are great full for that!

We think of you often!

1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm | Sun: 11am-7pm