Cyber War I (Hardcover)

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By Ed Mahoney, Caroline Moore (Editor)
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"A smart, highly detailed entry in the techno-thriller genre." - Kirkus Reviews

There is money in cybercrime, but cyberwar could get you killed. In Cyber War I, Iran launches a six-day cyberwar against the West to level the playing field of technology powers.

Reluctantly, Rob Warner finds himself in the middle of the action, and in a position to stop the pending destruction. If he's willing to sacrifice his career, jeopardize his retirement, and put his life in harm's way, then he can lead his team of security analysts and forensics experts to counter-attack and save his country from devolving back to the digital stone age.

Cyber War I marries a high-tech thriller with a primer on computer security in this author's debut novel. From his vivid description of the raised floor in a data center, to detailing a ransomware attack, Ed interprets this complex world for his readers. His authentic characters display their commitment to protecting technology in a world of bad actors. The attacks are all too real as the technology is disclosed. The potential for the advanced economies of the world to lose everything appears unstoppable in this avalanche of escalating assaults in cyberspace.

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ISBN: 9781532325885
ISBN-10: 1532325886
Publisher: Lobo Media Ltd.
Publication Date: November 26th, 2016
Pages: 340
Language: English