Polly's Wild Dance

Polly's Wild Dance (Paperback)

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Polly's Wild Dance is a semi-fictional novel about a middle-aged Jewish woman whose story begins in a city north of Boston. She irreverently survives her lower-middle class family as a precocious five-year-old and approaches her teenage years frustrated at not being able to dump her virginity because of an over-protective father.

Polly spends a year on Mykonos and falls in love with Greece. When she returns to the States she promises herself to retire at an early age and live on a Greek island forever. Thirty-five years later, she sells her possessions, and buys a one-way ticket to the island of Kythera.

During her time on the island, various ex-husbands and ex-lovers appear as apparitions inducing flashbacks of their zany relationships.

After ten years of Greek madness, Polly learns how to dance through life with wit and renewed determination. She returns to the States, her circle complete.

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Published: Createspace, 09/01/2011
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